The Four Pillars Collective is a non-profit organization (NPO) that uses private donations to fund training for police departments with budgetary restraints in the following subjects:

• Physical control

• Emotional intelligence

• Critical thinking

• De-escalation of force

These proven training methods are taught by top-tier military operators that specialize in nonviolent-conflict resolution.

Four Pillars Collective is passionate about passing on the tactics and cognitive strategies their team has learned, over decades of training, to local law enforcement teams so that they will be successful in their everyday duties and regain the public trust that they deserve.

These difficult times, where the bond between local law enforcement and public opinion is drastically strained, call for a team of Superheroes to step in and reshape the way local law enforcement does their job and is perceived by their local constituents. Help us put these guys back in the “Public Hero Category” by donating today!

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Four Pillars Collective, Inc.

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