Master Chief Special Operator (SEAL) Jason Henderson retired in 2020 having served 30+ years in the US Navy. After completing 16 combat deployments, “Hendo” evolved from combat veteran to philanthropist. He adapted battlefield tactics into de-escalation of force techniques utilizing critical thinking, emotional intelligence and stress mitigation that will enhance the performance of law enforcement agencies worldwide. “Hendo” is the CEO of Henderson Security Consultancy LLC and has earned Black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Hendo is a Naval Special Operations combatives instructor, small arms instructor, range safety officer, breaching instructor and Breatheology Master Instructor specializing in post-traumatic- stress management.

Krissa Gosnell is a Public Relations and Marketing professional with over ten years under her belt. A native Southern Californian, she is a creative word-smith with professional flair and has a wealth of knowledge; having worked with multiple high profile personalities, agencies and other clients. When not working, Krissa enjoys movies, surfing and spending time with her family around a barbecue.