For 30 plus+ years the Four Pillars Collective CEO was guided and subscribed to the tenets and foundational principles outlined in the National Security Strategy. The National Security Strategy is postulated, created and designed to carry out directives issued by the Executive Branch. The template for the National Security Strategy has four enduring pillars:…

Without security there can be no prosperity. When shared values are diluted or no longer shared, social strife and conflict are the inevitable outcomes. Shared values enable the establishment of the strongest possible bonds internally and with our friends and allies abroad.

From the CEO, “I would never have gone on any of my deployments had I have known that my family wasn’t safe and protected by first responders back at home. Because of this concern, everywhere I have worked, I have always made an effort to work with local law enforcement to teach them combat proven tactics that I and others have used extensively in areas of conflict. That is why I put together this team of experts. We have worked with and instructed law enforcement at all levels, from federal to local law enforcement officers over extended periods. We teach conflict-proven tactics that have been used extensively on the battlefield and adapted them to be used in the United States. Our high stress scenario training in all of these topics have been explored in depth and at length.”

Four Pillars Collective is passionate about passing on the conflict proven tactics and cognitive strategies that we have learned to law enforcement so that they will be more successful and regain the public trust that they deserve. These are the times that they need this type of training the most.

• National Security Strategy

• Four enduring pillars:

• Security

• Prosperity

• Shared Values

• International Order

• Techniques developed, tested and proven under conflicts

• Adapted for use at home

• Successful Public Safety interactions

• Regain the public trust

Four Pillars is a Collective of real life superheroes unifying to reimagine security for the greater good of our society. Our not-for-profit utilizes private donations to fund state-of-the-art training for law enforcement and security personnel and their agencies across America. Four Pillars provides hands-on training in combat used and proven techniques effective in the mental and physical management of a crisis. We teach physical and mental control tactics utilizing de-escalation of force, stress mitigation, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, as well as scenario based training addressing the issues at the forefront of modern law enforcement including: Physical restraint, unknown individual management, conflict against multiples, stress/anxiety mitigation, situational awareness, third party awareness, PTSD management, high stress scenario and survivability training and much more.

.The Four Pillars Collective has adapted methods taught and honed by top tier operators around the world in a manner that can be taught and put to immediate use by law enforcement and security personnel, providing them with proven tools to manage the situations that are arising with increasing regularity and will reduce conflict, violence, and the adverse results of each.

• De-escalation of force

• Critical thinking

• Emotional intelligence

• Scenario based training

• Physical restraint

• Unknown individual management

• Conflict against multiples

• Stress/anxiety mitigation

• Situational awareness

• Third party awareness

• PTSD management

• High-stress scenario and survivability training

• Much more